The Simplest $150 I've Ever Made...

Normally I dread the time of the month that my credit card statement is about to arrive. (I will actually avoid the mailbox for a few days if I know it is coming....)

When I finally got the courage to check my mail, there it was. I grabbed it bitterly. It was thick too. How many pages of charges were they able to stuff in here? UG - They probably charged me for the extra postage too.

As I reluctantly looked at the first line of the dreaded bill I was pleasantly surprised. In bold letters was a credit of $156.57. Cha-CHING!

I'd signed up for my American Express card when I joined my first home-based direct selling business. I used it to purchase office supplies and all of the products that my customers would write me personal checks for. Since I had a hefty bill each month, the "1-2%" cash back feature paid off nicely.

In fact, I was so excited about my $150 bonus this month that I transfered several of the bills I normally pay through my savings account to my card. Of course, I'll have to be diligent about paying it in full each month...but my goal is to use my cash back for a family vacation.

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