Sesame Street Flashback - Doin' the Pigeon

My kids made me really sad today. It was snowing outside so we decided to veg out in front of the TV this morning. I grabbed their sleeping bags, some fruit snacks and my own pillow and blanket so we could curl up and watch shows together.

As I flipped through the kids' channels my preschoolers (ages 2-3) were barking orders at me... "no, not that one"...."that's not my favorite"..."I want Dora"...."find Diego"....ug. so much for a fun morning.

And then...they really annoyed me. I turned the channel to PBS and Sesame Street was on. It was a classic Ernie and Bert skit. I wanted to watch. "Mommy...I don't like this show"...my daughter yelled. It was as if she had punched me in the guts.

"You are THREE...and you don't like Sesame Street?...what is WRONG with you?"

I was sad. I loved Sesame Street. I loved Big Bird, Grover...and I really loved to hate Oscar. I have fond memories of eating bagged cheerios in my jammies after sneaking out way too early in the morning just to watch it.

Unfortunately, my kids have been exposed to WAYYYYY too many options. Movies, DVD's, video games, computer games, realistic animation, cartoon musicals....and more. Suddenly silly little puppets aren't so exciting, I guess.

So...I missed Sesame Street this morning and am bummed out. I figured You Tube would have some clips and wa'la...here is my favorite. Doin' the Pigeon...by Burt.

I hope you enjoy the flashback as much as I did!



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