How to Get an Extra Hour of Sleep....

I feel so refreshed today. I am alert. I am relaxed. I am ready to take on the world...and I have the little cherub above to thank for it.

So, what would you be willing to clean up for an extra hour of sleep?
  • Flour on the counter, tv...and in the microwave?
  • Butter on the dog?
  • Eggs smashed on the floor?

These are just a few of the horrific morning mess stories my fellow moms have shared with me.

This morning it was my turn. I woke up....looked at the clock and was panic struck (but oddly happy at the same time.) My kids slept in! Which one is sick? Which one was kidnapped?

I rushed downstairs to find my daughter happily squishing flour between her fingertips.... "Mommy...I am making you breakfast". "What exactly are you trying to make me...'a mess'?" I asked, sarcastically? "No...COOKIES!" - "Ahhh...just what I wanted for breakfast".

While I gave her the best "we don't bake without mommy" lecture I could muster without coffee I really wasn't that mad. It was the longest night of sleep I'd had in a week. Thanks again for *breakfast*, Jenna!



  • At 3/16/2007 9:08 PM, Blogger Ms. Val said…

    I've had to clean up frozen hash browns. That was hubby's mess. While he was tearing the bag, it slippped and shredded spuds FLEW all over the counter and on the floor.

    As for the kids, one of them (both deny it) once left a green crayon in his pocket. It went through the wash, and into the dryer, where it melted and smeared up the whole inside of the drum.

    I found your blog by a random blog search. As a fellow SAHM, I enjoy it, and I'll be back!


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