A Litte Wisdom from Grey's Anatomy

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I was just watching the third of six episodes of Grey's Anatomy tonight. While most people have been watching Greys for over a year...I am a bit behind.

(I just thought of a simple tip...RENT! I rented two seasons of Greys for less than three bucks. I watch it when the kids are in bed..without commercials).

Okay...back to the point. A few moments ago I was blubbering like an idiot. Certain news stories make me cry..Extreme Home Makeover makes me weep and sometimes I even need to keep tissues handy when I watch cute animals on the Discovery channel.

Never, ever did I think that a "racy" evening soap opera would turn on the tear faucet.

If you missed this particular episode, here's a brief summary ...

A mother of a teenage daughter is dying (cancer, I think). When the doctors tell her she will not survive she gives her daughter some words of wisdom...

"do not forget to wear panties with pantyhose...even if it is bulky - you still need to wear them".

"drink a glass of champagne on your wedding night...and then stick with water - drunk brides are tacky".

Then, the daughter figures it out. "Why are you talking like that", she asks angrily.

The mother explains that she is dying and offers one final piece of advice....

"When you have children don't spend too much time worrying about whether or not they will be a concert pianist or math genius." "When all is said and done, just make sure that they are happy...that's all that really matters".

Again...I am a bit surprised by the source, but it was some of the best advice I've ever heard.

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