Craft Mats...making crafting *slightly* less messy.

My three year old daughter LOVES crafting. Okay, I am not sure if she likes the crafting part as much as the getting messy part. (Like mother...like daughter, I guess).

Anyway, after scrubbing paint off of the dining room table (oh..and chairs, floors, windows...and even my baking canisters) I decided it was time to get a bit more organized.

Check out these "craft mats" from Big Yellow Box by Crayola. You simply place them on your workspace and craft to your heart's delight. (Check out my daughter's mat in the photo). I think I am going to frame it. It looks a bit like a Picasso!

You can also create craft mats on your own by getting some thick canvas and waterproof spray protectant (for easy cleaning).

If you are interested in purchasing one from BYB - click on this link and request a local consultant.

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