I'm a Local Mom Advocate!

I spend at least an hour per day doing "blog research". (That's the professional way of saying, "mindless web searching".

Anyway, I found a site recently which I'd like to refer to as "MySpace...for Moms". It has all of the cool social networking features of MySpace...without all of the 'yuck' and spammy stuff.

I signed up immediately and saw that I am the ONLY user in my town (the site just got out of beta). So, I signed up to be a local mom's advocate! Woo hoo! Now, I connect local (and not-so-local) moms with the site and earn bonuses (gift cards) when my networks grow.

The site is completely free and extremely useful. I absolutely, positively would NOT promote something that I didn't feel good about.

If you are wondering what a Mom Advocate entails..it's pretty simple.

Yesterday, I connected with four of my local friends and asked them to post their upcoming MOPS meetings on the group. I also did a little web-surfing myself and added local events.

The coolest thing about the site is that it is an easy-to-use "one-stop-shop" for moms. I can meet other moms. Check the calendar. E-mail everyone about a party or playdate...and join other groups I am interested in. (Like blogging...).

So...if you would like to join me (and wouldn't mind using me as your referral source) please read more here and e-mail me and I will send you an invite to the site. When you get there...check to see if your town needs advocates too! It's fun!

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