Super Simple Meal Planning

I am all about meal planning. In fact, I created a website, blog and e-book dedicated to Once a Month Cooking. That being said, it has been a rough month. I've barely had the time to take a shower much less spend an entire day in the kitchen cooking. (I'm bummed because OAMC is a huge time saver when I take the time to do it.)

Anyway, I thought I would show you my next best meal planning trip. It goes like this.

First, I scan my pantry to see what we need. Mac and Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs...(the staples). :)

Then, I send my husband to Costco where he buys tools, junk food and a bottle of wine (to get away with the tools and junk food).

After that, I scan my pantry again. What can I make with a box of noodles, a pound of hamburger, some cheese, chicken breasts and other random stuff......

With chalk in hand, I create a menu plan on a huge chalkboard I put in my kitchen with all of my leftovers.

While it isn't the most productive form of meal planning, it works in a pinch...and it's cute to boot! =)



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