So...How Much Do You Make?

As a work at home mom it seems like everyone wants to know what I am earning.

I guess it makes sense. It's pretty simple to figure out what a doctor, lawyer, police officer or teacher earns...(well, at least it is easy to get a ballpark figure). But what does a blogger, website editor, freelance writer or direct seller earn?

Of course, my friends and family don't come out and actually ASK....(that would be rude). But I know it drives them crazy....

"So, how was your tax-refund this year?"
"How much are you spending on Christmas this year?"
"Do you rent, or own?" etc..

Well, today is your lucky day. I am going to tell you what I earn...actually, I am going to give you a hint.

This month is the first month I've been qualified with Pay Per Post (which is a form of blog marketing). I've been posting at least two blogs fairly consistently and right now, I have $65.00 in my account that will help pay the bills. (I had sick kids, so I took a few days off). I also blog for a few other companies, but PayPerPost is my favorite!

So...do you have your calculator handy? (2 posts per day at anywhere between $5.00-$15.00 per post X 30 days). Not bad for just a portion of my monthly income.

As for the rest...well, I'll keep you guessing!



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