A Bridesmaid Dress...and a Treasured Memory

One of my 3 1/2 year old daughter's favorite things to do is to check the mail. Earlier this week, she came running in with a rubbermaid box. "Mommy, is it for me?" She asked, excitedly. It was! We cut the tape, popped it open and pulled out a lovely red velvet and satin dress.

This looks familiar, I thought.

It was a bridesmaid dress from my wedding nearly 7 years earlier that my cousin had sent my daughter. The note inside was written to her....

It read, "My Dearest Jenna...This is the dress that I wore in your Mom and Dad's wedding. I was so blessed to be included in your parent's ceremony. It was such a pretty wedding, and the love your mom and dad had for each other, and the Lord really shined that day.

I want you to have this dress. What you chose to do with it is up to you and your mommy. You can save it, and wear it to a dance or a party when you are big. Or you can wear it to play dress-up. I love you."

I cried. While most people cringe when they think of bridesmaid dresses, but I will have fond memories of my daughter playing dress up in the empire waisted red-velvet dress that I picked for my wedding.

What an amazing gift. I am putting the note in Jenna's scrapbook and will be taking the dress to a tailor so it will fit my little "Jenna-bean".

Thank you Auntie Didi! We love you!



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