Do You Want to Work from Home? Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry Online

by Traci Anderson | More from this Blogger

The other day, I was reading some posts on a message board forum for moms who work from home. One of my favorite forums is the "telecommuting" thread. This is a great place to find current job openings and other ways to earn income online, or from home.

I visit the site often and am starting to get to know the personalities of many of the posters. One of the "regulars" rarely takes a bathroom break without announcing it to the entire forum. Let's just call her "Sally".

Just for arguments sake, I decided to pretend to be an employer who was considering hiring Sally. I "Googled" Sally's name and within moments, I was reading all about her marriage...including more "intimate" details that made me blush. I learned about arguments she was having with neighbors, her mother and friends. I also read ongoing complaints about companies that wouldn't hire her and other rambling posts about how she couldn't find a work at home opportunity. (Gee, I wonder why?) Let's just say that the majority of her posts were "TMI" - Too Much Information.

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