Prevention and Treatment for Drug Addiction

Have you heard of the Montana Meth Project? If not, you probably will soon. The campaign has been so successful here, that it is about to go nationwide.

I live in Billings, Montana and for nearly 5 years I was knee-deep in our local methanphetamine epidemic. I was employed as an Investigator for our local Child and Family Services Unit. Nearly 90% of our investigations involved child abuse and neglect due to methanphetamine addiction.

The Billings' city logo is "The Magic City" however, in a 1998 Time Magazine referred to Billings as "Meth Town USA". Needless to say, despite the national publicity, the mayor chose not to adopt that slogan.

Today, thanks to the Montana Meth Project, we are no longer known as "Meth Town USA". Rather we should be known as the community that took action. While some parents were outraged by the "in your face" advertising the Montana Meth Project created, most of us who understood the consequences of a meth addition were thrilled that someone was willing to step-up in a creative, bold and proactive way.

Unfortunately, prevention won't always work for your friend or family member that is already addicted. As someone who has worked with drug addicts for years, I firmly believe that treatment works! I've met women who were at the height of their addiction. They lost their children, they lost their jobs and their homes. With only the shirt on their back, they went to treatment and came out clean & sober.

Do you have a friend or family member in need of treatment? Start with Stone Hawk. They are an incredible, realistic facility that utilizes counselors and team members that have "been there...done that".

Even better....over 70% of Narconon Drug Rehab graduates beat their drug addiction successfully!

Click the link to learn more about the Stone Hawk drug treatment program.

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