Britney Spears - Finally the Role Model She Never Wanted to Be

Sometimes the best role models are the ones who show us what not to do. Case in point, Tom Cruise. At the apex of his fame, he pounces like a giddy teenager on Oprah's couch, followed by a nationally televised showdown (or should I say breakdown) with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. When is the last Tom Cruise movie you saw? Just wondering.

And now, there's Britney Spears. As the mother of a young daughter, I couldn't stand Britney. In fact, I loathed her and everything she stood for.

All of the sudden, I just feel sorry for her. At one point, Britney had the opportunity to be a positive role model for young girls. She knew millions of impressionable "tweens" were acting like her, dressing like her...(make that....UNdressing like her). Britney soon became the patron princess of the "prosti-tot" culture.

All the while, Britney argued that she did not want to be viewed as a role model (let's just assume she was referring to the "positive" type). Well, my dear, you have your wish and it is long overdue.

As the mother of an impressionable young lady, I am finally ready to make amends with Britney. In fact, I should be thanking her. Soon my daughter will learn all about the panty-free, pop-phenom whose career quickly spiraled into oblivion.

I am sure there are a few Entertainment Channel producers sitting in a studio somewhere busily tweaking the next edition of Britney's "E-True Hollywood Story". (How can they possibly keep up?) My daughter (and young girls everywhere) will learn all about Britney's ten-minute Vegas wedding, her shaved head, her umbrella attack on the paparazzi and the rehab stint she was forced into by her back-up dancer, ex-husband and "baby-daddy". Lest we forget Britney's recent admission that she is the anti-Christ. (But did any of us really doubt it?)

I never thought I would want to write about Britney (much less tell my daughter about her) however, she is the classic example for little girls of "what not to do". Don't sell out. You have a lot more going for you than your sexuality. You are free to dress like a tramp, but don't be expected to be treated like a lady. If you aren't finished partying, don't have babies - it's hard to enjoy your children with a hangover. And last (but certainly not least) don't be expected to be taken seriously if you can't keep your panties on.

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