My "Mommy Guilt" is Gone for a Moment

I made it a goal this weekend to place a big-hearty checkmark by 10 of my "to-do's". That meant, cleaning the closet...organizing several cupboards...posting items on Ebay...sorting old clothes...decluttering the kitchen...cleaning the fridge, and more....

Well, I can proudly say, "I did it!" Woo hoo! But at the expense of my two preschool-aged children. Okay, before you think I am a horrible mommy, I did get them involved in the tasks and we had fun with it. My daughter sprayed a bottle of water as she helped me clean the fridge and my son mopped the floor with his stuffed animals.

But, I did feel a tiny bit of "mommy guilt" when I let them watch four hours of Saturday morning cartoons and eat fruity-cheerios in ziplock bags.

Tonight, I was finishing up a few of my New Year's decluttering resolutions when I looked online for an activity for my preschool daughter. I was absolutely THRILLED when I found this site! It offers several books read aloud by celebrities! Not that my kids know who they are...but *I* think it is pretty neat, nonetheless!

Now, when I am having a Saturday morning "Mommy Guilt" prop the kids in front of the TV set - moment...I am going to allow a celebrity to read them a few books while I clean. While I personally think Sponge Bob is a hoot...I feel much better about online story-time!

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

BookPALS Storyline Online

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