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I ran into (pardon the pun) this site a few days ago and frankly I wish it would have been available five years ago. It was my very first car accident and I will never forget it. I looked into my rear-view window and watched as this pretty little blonde thing tried passing my Honda on a busy rush hour morning.

She was fixing her pretty blonde hair and makeup while driving at the speed of sound toward the local high-school. Without a moment's notice, she swerved into my lane and shoved my little foreign car into the curb...and straight toward the local hair and makeup salon...(ironic, huh?)

Thankfully, I missed the building but not the concrete curb that totaled my car. As I laid on my horn (in an attempt to get her to stop) I watched her drive away obviously oblivious to the accident she'd just caused. I can still see her flipping back her pretty blonde locks while I gave her the one finger salute with BOTH HANDS. (Okay, make that a two-finger salute).

Where was Tell-My-Mom.com when I needed them?

I love the concept behind this site and hope you'll find it helpful too the next time your car is totaled by a little blonde teenage diva who would rather fix her hair than watch the blankety...blank ROAD!!!!! After all these years am I still bitter????? Just a bit.

Have you seen a "tell my mom" sticker yet? Tell us about it in the comments section.

How's Your Teen's Driving? Would You Like to Know? - TELL-MY-MOM.COM



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