My Morning Cup of Sanity Just Got Simple

I can't live without my morning cup of coffee. Here was my old routine....
  1. Stumble to the kitchen.
  2. Crack open my huge plastic tub of Costco Coffee.
  3. Scoop (and spill) the grounds as I fumble with the flimsy filter.
  4. Wipe up mess.
  5. Spill water as I try to pour the huge pitcher into the tiny hole on the back of my coffee pot.
  6. Wipe up mess again.
  7. Pull used filter out of coffee pot. Hold hand under filter to prevent drips as I scurry to the waste basket across the room.
  8. Wipe up drips again (with my socks).

Yesterday, I excitedly went to the door to retrieve my brand new Senseo coffee pot from my UPS man. I was so excited I almost hugged him. (I actually got it for free after filling out a survey on trezr.com. (Check out my previous posts to learn more).

Here's my new routine.
  1. Stumble to my kitchen.
  2. Place coffee pod into Senseo coffee maker.
  3. Place cup under maker and push button.

Wa-la! That's it...(and the coffee is much better...and foamy to boot!) The coffee maker holds 12 cups of coffee in a reserve that you simply have to fill once in awhile. .

Oh..and on a sidenote, I was a bit concered about the cost for the pods but noticed that they are becomming more and more popular at stores like Target and Walmart. Frankly, I am willing to pay a few pennies more per cup to simplify my morning and to enjoy a better cup of java!

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