Are We There Yet? Fantastic Travel Products for Kids

I recently drove twelve hours with two preschoolers to visit my family for the holidays. As soon as I arrived, my loving family proceeded to tell me how crazy I was....gee thanks.

Believe it or not, my kids were perfect. They didn't fuss. They didn't beg. They were perfect little cherubs. Honestly.

What's my trick, you ask? Sedation? Duct tape? Loads of candy? None of the above.

I simply planned ahead...and got a prescription for valium...(just in case).

Here are a few things I packed.

  • candy necklaces (Okay...I bribed them with candy once or twice)
  • matchbox cars for my two year old son

  • Crayola's Color Wonder Papers (a mess-free must-have for traveling).

  • a leapfrog game
  • a magnetic Dora dress up game
  • books

  • pillows
  • a portable DVD player...with a few rented movies (most video stores let you rent kids movies for a week for a buck a piece...WELL worth it!)

Here is an Amazon Store with some additional ideas to make traveling "simple-ish".

You are going to think I am crazy too when I tell you that I absolutely LOVE traveling with my preschoolers. Really, how often can you sit back, relax, eat snacks and listen to your Ipod with your kids completely immobile? Ahhhh.....road trips!

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