Icky Sippies....(Sippy Cup Valves & Disposables)

(This $19.99 disposable feeding center storage center comes from Target.com)


I was cleaning the basement the other day and found a rogue sippy cup that had slipped under the toybox. I quickly carried it upstairs and tossed it without even looking at the contents.

I learned my lesson after I opened a cup that had spent several days in my backyard in mid-August. I *think* it had been filled with milk, but only a N.A.S.A. scientist would be able to figure out where the blob of smelly goo originated. *GAG*.

I am sick of tossing out and losing $6.00 sippy cups so I bought some disposable ones from Target a few months ago. They cost about a buck a piece and come in sets of four. I love them. I take them in the van on long trips. I carry them in my backpack. I used them at the park this summer. They are great for our adventures.

Unfortunately, while they say "spill proof". They aren't. If your toddler shakes it hard enough...he/she WILL be able to dump the contents on the carpet, kitchen floor, or where-ever they want to sprinkle juice, water or milk.

If you aren't ready to toss the real ones yet, check out these sippy cup cleaning tips from About.com. (I especially enjoyed the Denture Cleaner tip!) Pop Pop, Fizz Fizz!

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