Speaking of Play Dough....

A few days ago I posted some great playdough recipes. Shortly after my post, I started to clean out my pantry and noticed that I had almost two dozen yellow playdough containers stacked up on my daughter's craft shelf.

Just as I was about to toss them, my son walked up and asked for Cheerios. AH HA!

Since I am way too lazy to stuff the playdough back into the containers (I use zip-lock bags), I started using them as snack holders. They are the perfect size for purses and backpacks and the color-coded lids are great for those of you who are more organized than I am.

Goldfish...blue lids
Cheerios....red lids
Pretzels....green lids, etc.. (you get the point)

I actually pre-filled several containers with healthy "grab-and-go" snacks to prevent my toddler son from pouring a full box of cheerios into a dixie cup. UG.


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  • At 12/15/2006 3:03 AM, Anonymous Homemom3 said…

    I had never thought of this, thanks for the tip. I have a 3 year old that that'll come in handy with, not to mention a baby due in march.


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