Tips for organizing your mini-van.

I couldn't have found this post at a better time.

Yesterday when I pulled into my driveway and opened up the automatic doors on my van two fast food lids, a coffee cup, my daughter's preschool paperwork and some random reciepts flew into my neighbors' yard (thanks to a timely gust of wind).

Needless to say, I was a bit embarassed has he helped me clean *my* mini-van clutter out of his neatly groomed yard.

"Do you need this stuff?" he asked as he handed me the receipts....... "um..no". Ug.

My goal for the weekend...clean my mini-van and organize it. If I don't do it soon we are all going to need tetanus shots before the next road trip.

Here is a great article on organizing a mini-van from a fellow blogger that you might find useful too!



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