Shoe Bags - Great for Everything but Shoes....

I bought a shoe bag a few years ago at Target. I was excited to finally get my small shoe collection organized.

Unfortunately, within a few days my shoes ended up back in the hallways, under my bed and next to the couch.

Since my shoe bag soon became additional clutter, I was excited to find a new use for it. It is the perfect place for my daughter's tights, socks & other "girly stuff" (headbands, pony holders, purses, etc..)

I also have a shoe bag in my craft closet that contains paintbrushes, sponges, chenille sticks, popsicle sticks, scissors, left-over paints, ribbons, raffia...and more!

Here are a few other great uses for shoe bags...(see-through vinyl ones are the best so you can see the contents and label them with a permanent marker).

  • Utility Closets - Store sponges, scrub brushes, cleaning supplies (sprays, bottles, polishes, etc) in the pockets. This is a tremendous space-saver!

  • Offices - Use a shoe bag to hold pens, pencils, staplers, extra envelops, shipping supplies, packing tape, markers and other office tools. (I like to buy my office supplies in bulk at Costco so this is a great way to store the "extras").
  • Bathrooms - Shoe bags are a great way to store all of those extra brushes, shampoos, hairsprays and travel containers that many of us have piled in baskets & drawers in our bathrooms.
  • Toy Room - This is a wonderful way to hold some of your child's smaller items. Store puzzle pieces, games, matchbox cars, dinosaurs, small dolls & doll clothes, small blocks, and more...

  • Car Trips - Cut a shoe bag to fit the back of your car seat, and let your children make their own choices for back seat entertainment.

  • Bedrooms - Shoe organizers are great for off-season purses, scarves, belts, wallets, etc..

Please post your ideas!

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