Hey...Look What I Made!

I've met many of my readers on various online forums and thought it would be neat for you to see what I look like. (Okay, what I would look like if I was 30 pounds thinner with a shapely figure). =)

I made the avatar above using a site called the doll palace.com. I had a blast creating my personalized doll. In fact, I am sitting here with dishes piled up in the sink and laundry to do because I just spent the last hour playing on the site.

There are a ton of options. In fact, the outfit the above doll is wearing is exactly the one I am wearing right now. (Minus the fuzzy socks and scrunchy).

If you love to play "dress-up" you can make more complex creations too. The site offers different styles of clothing, hairstyles, backgrounds, accessories, even angel wings and boas!

Check out a few of the more detailed dolls below.

I feel like a little girl playing dress up again! You can use your dolls as avatars in chat rooms, forums and competitions. You can also add them to your e-mail signature line and websites.

Once you are finished, you simply cut and paste the code you need for whatever you want to use the doll for. They will also e-mail you a "copy" of your creation. It's free to boot!

Make one now...and e-mail me. I'll post show off your doll here if you'd like!

Dress Up Games



  • At 3/08/2007 7:11 AM, Blogger Laura said…

    This is great! I gave this site to my daughter to entertain her while I work.


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