Hey Traci...What's Up With the Little Blue Bar?

Have you been wondering about that little blue bar at the bottom of all of my posts? Let me take a moment to explain. First, the bar from PayPerPost offers you the chance to review my posts and earn $7.50 when you join PayPerPost and talk about my blog on your blog. (Are you still with me?)

Are you a blogger? Are you a wannabe blogger? Would you like to earn a little extra money from home to pay the bills, by groceries, or put into your vacation savings?

Get paid to post! Yesterday, I earned over $20.00 doing what I love....reviewing great sites for PayPerPost. It's actually pretty simple (and lucrative to boot!)

When you join, everyone wins. I will earn $7.50 for referring you and you'll get $7.50 for reviewing me. When you link your blog to my blog, we both benefit by gaining more traffic for our blogs.

Does it make sense?

One of my readers contacted me yesterday to ask me more about PayPerPost. Frankly, the best way to learn more is to join, read the FAQ's and start posting!

So...do you see that cute little banner down there? Click on it...and check it out. You know you want to! =) Just think..$7.50 will buy both of us a couple of Happy Meals or a burger and coke. Gotta love that!

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