...and my favorite'ist site of them all!

Another shameless plug for another one of my blogs....

About a month ago, someone sent me a link to a humor site on the internet where I was supposed to watch a funny video.

So I clicked on the site and noticed that there was a flashing banner on the top of the site with a half-naked women on it while my darling daughter was peering over my shoulder to see what I was looking at.

Anyway, I was annoyed and started to look at some of the other popular *humor* sites. Almost 3/4ths of them had links to pornography sites and other innapropriate banners.

As a result, I decided to create my own *clean* humor site with funny videos, photos and jokes that are completely safe for little ones who are usually sitting on our laps or peering over our shoulders. So, when you are ready for a break...check it out! It's funny!



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