Meal Planning...a brilliant concept!

Dine Without Whine - A Family Friendly Weekly Menu Plan

I didn't plan to blog tonight but I was compelled to tell all of you about this great new site "Dine Without Whine" I found.

I am desperate. I have four chicken nuggets, a bag of prepared rice, two pieces of cheese, 5 pieces of bread...and a few random "helpers".

(You know you are in trouble when you don't even have the ingredients to make a boxed "helper"). Sheesh.

I started digging through some recipe books and decided to Google "meal planning" instead...

This is one of the first sites I found...

For $4.95 per month (including a free trial week) Dine Without Whine has e-mailed me a detailed grocery list (printable...and organized by store location), meal ideas & recipes for a month, and suggested desserts...(I signed up on the spot).

So, rather than trying to figure out what to make with a chicken nugget, piece of bread, some rice and a few slices cheese...my family will be eating

Oregano Chicken, Alfredo Potatoes, Swedish Meatballs, San Fransisco Chops, White Chili, Beef Stir Fry, Ham Potato Scallop, Fruit Skewers, and more.....

Sure beats meatless "helpers"....

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