No one warned me - (pee pee teepees)

As I am posting this, I am actually a bit ticked that I wasn't aware of these "teepees" before I had my precious...(and amazingly *accurate*) little shooter....

You can find them at my favorite store, Uncommon Goods....

What a great shower gift for a new mom! ....actually, the evil side of me believes every mother should be initiated at least once by her baby boy.....Mu ha ha ha ha ha !

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  • At 9/22/2006 9:49 PM, Blogger Tammara Nelson said…

    Oh my I had to comment on this one! LOL! My nephew, who is now a young man has been given a bad time about this story. One time when he was a babe and my sister went to change his diaper; all of a sudden there was a fountain, and he had the perfect aim! It went right into his fathers shoe! Although my sister and I promptly cleaned it up, I'm not sure how much time went by before her husband ever knew.


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