Business Cards for your Kiddos...

How many times have you been to a soccer game, park or school activity and met another really cool mom that you would love to hang out with?

It seems like I am always digging through my purse to write my phone number on a cocktail napkin (okay...Burger King receipt) when I want to meet another mom for a playdate.

Earlier this month I was creating some business cards for my other "gig" when I decided it would be really fun to make some "business" cards for my kiddos.

Now, when I am carrying my toddler, a soda, crackers, wipes, a diaper bag...all while pushing an empty stroller...I can simply ask my new playdate friend to dig in my pocket for a card. It sure beats trying to find a pen!

Oh...and did I mention that the cards are FREE? Vista Print.com offers free business cards as long as you have their advertisement on the back of them. I've ordered numerous types of cards in the past few years and have been completely satisfied with all of them! Click the link below for details.

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