Bismarck, ND - Here We Come!

It's time for spring break where normal people travel South or West, actually just about anywhere warm for some fun in the sun. Not me. I am headed to Minnesota via North Dakota. I take this 12 hour journey every few months to visit my family and friends.

Normally, I leave during the kiddo's nap time and drive through the night (12 hours). Yep, I am insane. A few months ago we encountered a snowstorm in North Dakota. My husband and I spent 16 hours in our mini-van with two toddlers. Talk about insane...needless to say, it WON’T happen again.

This time, I am not taking any chances. I spent the last few days searching for inexpensive hotel rates in Bismarck, North Dakota which is the mid-point of my trip. I checked rates at Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and Hotwire and wasn't thrilled with the prices.

This afternoon, I tried a site I was unfamiliar with called Hotel Reservations.com. Not only was the site super-simple to navigate...but I saved at least 10 bucks on the rates quoted by the other sites. I am thrilled! While I am not going to be enjoying any "fun in the sun" like many of you...now, I am going to take my 10 bucks, buy myself a margarita and lounge by the hotel pool! =)

If you are planning to travel this summer and want great rates for your Hotel Reservations check out HotelReservations.com. They also offer great rates for world wide travel...in case you want to travel somewhere that is more exotic than Bismarck, North Dakota.

4/6/07 – Post Update

I just wanted to update my post to let you know that I had a wonderful stay at the Super 8 in Bismarck. Honestly, I was a bit reluctant to stay in a 1 star hotel, but Hotel Reservations.com offers reviews too. The hotel was inexpensively priced and the reviews were good, so we stayed there. Ironically, the least-expensive hotel was actually the cleanest I’d ever stayed in! The reservation process was smooth and simple and I even had a play-pen waiting for me in my room. I will definitely use the site for my next reservation!

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