Free (and incredibly cute) family calendar

I am loving this new family calendar I just found online especially since it is free...and CUTE too! It is ideal for busy families and it looks great to boot!

Here's what I loved the most....

You can create color coded appointments for individual family members, or your entire family.
You can create a shopping list that you can "text" to your cell phone.

(Last night, I sent my shopping list to my husband's phone when he told me he was stopping at the grocery store to grab a pizza.) (He ended up getting my grocery shopping done for me!) =)

You can create to-do lists. The calendar is created for family scheduling, but I am also using it to jot down random ideas like blog topics, to-do's etc....
You can create a cool screensaver with your family photos.

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Sign up today and Cozi will donate $1.00 to Locks of Love! Woo Hoo...remember, it's FREE!

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