Gotta Love a Guy Name "Mr. Clean"

Mr. Clean does it again!

One afternoon when I was complaining about my budding little artist who scribbled all over our newly painted walls, my neighbor lady (who has 5 young children) urged me to buy a "magic eraser". I gave it a try and was astounded at how well it worked!

Not only did it take the crayon off of the walls, but I used it on all of the other toddler "mystery marks" when I was getting my home ready to sell.

Apparently it is made of some sort of resin...


Really, I never really cared what it was made of until posting this. I would use a product made of old dog-feces as long as it makes my housecleaning a bit easier!

Other Places to Use The Little Resin Miracle Sponge.... Lawn Furniture- Toys- Crayon Marks- Inside of Microwave- Refrigerator and freezer, inside and out- Shoes- Bathroom and kitchen sink- Stainless Steel pots and pans- Stove- Kitchen and Bathroom counters- Dog Kennel- Shower Walls- Tub- Toilet Seat and Toilet Base- Light switch plates- Window ledges- Doors- Cabinets**** It conforms to whatever shape item you are cleaning so it works great on door handles, baseboards and other hard to clean areas.

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